CatalX is now open for trading. As an appreciation for your early support, all users will receive a full rebate on fiat-to-crypto trading fees until June 30, 2019.

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Welcome to CatalX

A simple, secure, sound exchange that's leading the way with our extensive and growing list of cutting- edge and well-established cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, as well as one of the easiest trading experiences you'll find.

Our Priorities


Security is our primary concern and priority. We continually upgrade and test our systems to give you the utmost protection of your funds and personal information.

As a Canadian blockchain trading platform, we adhere to all current and applicable Canadian laws and mandates to maintain the strictest compliance at all times. We are fully compliant with the latest Anti- Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Clients (KYC) regulations to prevent corruption through criminal or terrorist activity.


Here at CatalX, we take pride in offering the best trading experience, as well as the best overall user experience possible!

We give you many trading and investment options through the large number of coins - Bitcoin and Altcoin, that we support.

Convenience and Simplicity

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to trade with us! It's as convenient as going to your local convenience store!

Many tech savvy people in the younger generation find it easy to trade, but we are excited to offer a unique, simple and straightforward trading experience for traders of all ages and skill levels!


Your experience on our exchange is of the utmost importance to us.

We are here 24/7 to support you through every stage of the process with a prompt response that exceeds industry standards.

Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

To provide a secure and reliable platform for people to more easily buy, trade, and sell cryptocurrencies so they can focus on challenges that inspire the human spirit.

Core Values

  • Delivering great customer user experience
  • Building trust through everything that we do
  • Delivering more value
  • Innovation and continual improvement
  • Possibility thinking
Our Services


In a real-world application, concurrent connections, performance and security issues have to be resolved. At CatalX, we carefully designed our platform keeping critical factors in mind. CatalX is an innovative digital currency exchange platform that will complement the world's most secure and diverse trading engine with our partner Bittrex.

CatalX is an engineered catalyst to grow the cryptocurrency industry across the globe. As the nexus of digital currencies for better trading experience and outcomes, CatalX uniquely outshines other exchanges.

Large & Expanding Selection of Digital Currencies Supported

We support over 200 coin pairings for both established and emerging tokens that have passed their compliance audits, to give you an increasing selection of trading and investment opportunities. We keep you informed on the leading-edge innovations.

Got any inquiries? Contact our support team at [email protected].